About Virginia

  • Virginia Brimhall Snow lives in a beautiful, wooded area bordering a national forest in Northern Utah. For longer than twenty years, she has been expressing herself using paints, pencils, and pixels. Together with her  husband, she has raised seven children.  Some of her favorite pastimes include spending quality time with her grandchildren and creating award-winning art.

    As a girl, she spent time each summer with her grandmother, who taught her about gardening and all kinds of flowers and plants. It was there that she developed a taste for the raspberries grown in her grandmother’s backyard. She also has fond childhood memories of riding bareback on the family horse through the fields behind her family’s home.

    In school, she studied art and learned to love drawing. She was educated about the human skeleton and learned the names of all of the bones and muscles. Her resulting sketches and oil paintings have consistently been awarded top place ribbons in the state fair. She engages in  a number of artistic crafts, including china painting, sewing, quilting, pattern-designing, crocheting, tatting, and photography.  She also makes her own bread and can easily get lost in a good book.

    Virginia is also a long-time student of music. She plays the piano, the organ, the guitar, the violin, and has performed with several local and regional vocal groups.

    From her youth, she has had a great desire to teach children. She has extensively studied ways to help young minds learn and understand the value of literacy. She has created an unpublished short story titled “McFrew Stew,” which she wrote and illustrated to help struggling young readers.

    She always keeps a vegetable garden, grows and prunes her own fruit trees, cans the fruit, and has innumerable flower beds surrounding her home. She continues her grandmother’s tradition of growing and enjoying raspberries with her grandchildren.

    Fall Walk is Virginia's first published book. She is excited to provide reading material for children that is educational, but is in a fun, casual format. She has created several prior, unpublished works, all intended to educate and inspire creativity in children. Check back on this website in the future to see what she shares next.


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